We Have a Five Month Old!

5 month old

If there is one thing that having a five month old has made me realize, it is that time is most definitely fleeting. Just a month ago Camden left the amazing and very short newborn stage, and in only one month he is going to be half a year old! What?? As I’m sure many other mothers can attest to, I am quickly finding out that the first year of your child’s life is a constant sequence of mastering one stage just in time to start tackling the next one.

5 months old

At his last check-up Cam was 26 1/2″ long and 17.5 lbs. Since he was born a month early the doctor was really impressed with his size. He is already wearing 9 month clothing! It cracks me and his dad up because everyone talked about how tiny he was until he was about a month old, and now everyone can’t stop noticing how big he is.

tummy time

In the last month Camden has gotten so much more animated with his toys and with people. He has been smiling for a while, but in the last couple weeks he has started laughing out loud…especially for his Dad. He loves playing with his ball and play gym toys, and he is starting to learn how to push buttons on his musical toys. He is finally getting better at doing longer stretches of tummy time, but he still won’t roll over from his tummy to his back. He can, however, roll from his back to his front and gets stuck and frustrated. He also sits up now and can hold himself for about half a minute!

play gym, tummy time

Camden has started to look a little more interested in food, but he isn’t eating yet. At his 4-month check-up our doctor told us to try introducing foods once he looked interested in our plates and so we have tried to put avocado and baby rice cereal as well as cantaloupe in front of him. He tried to suck the juice from the fruit, but he spits the food out still. But his new skill is that he can now hold his own newborn sized bottle!

bottle feeding

The craziest part of this stage in his life is that I can tell he is not that far off from doing so many more things like standing up, crawling, and starting to make out words. He has officially said MAMA (yay!), just mostly when he’s upset…but still! I’ve been trying to teach him some baby sign-language, but he mostly just looks at me like I’m crazy. I cannot wait to look back at this post in a month or two and see the huge strides he has made. Remember to document mamas! If you don’t it will just become a big blur.

Leave a comment below of what skills your LOs made by the time they were five months old! Also let me know what topics you would like to see from me in upcoming weeks.