How I Get Things Done with a Baby

Getting things done with a baby

Sometimes as a mom, doesn’t it feel like your days get eaten up so quickly, and when you look back you feel like you got nothing accomplished? There are always going to be those days you just decide its a “do nothing” day. But sometimes you wake up feeling like you have so many things you need to get done, and especially having a baby that needs your care all day makes it feel impossible to do. I’ve looked back at some of my most accomplished days to come up with 5 tips on how I manage to get things done with a baby.

#1: Do Things in Chunks

Sometimes you have tasks that take more than a few minutes to do and it always seems to be the day you can’t get your baby to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish the task all at once. For me, things like laundry, writing, cleaning, etc, end up getting spread out throughout the day, and that’s totally fine! Unless you’re in a competition with yourself for the quickest time cleaning the bathroom, you don’t need to finish it in one setting.

#2: Just Let Them Cry… A Little

Whether it’s sending out a quick email, paying your bills, or finishing eating breakfast…if you only need a couple more minutes to finish the task it’s okay to just let your baby cry it out. I’ve gotten really good at eating my meals in about 3 minutes because Camden always seems to wake up right when I’m about to eat.

#3: Try Baby-wearing… and Other Things

When I first had Cam, he slept like, well, a newborn. So I had 2-3 hours of down time to get a bunch of things done! Once he started rolling back his nap times, I had to figure out something else otherwise I’d never get anything done. Once I started using my Boba Classic 4GS carrier, I was amazed at all the things I could do while he was in there. Vacuuming, making a sandwich, finishing laundry, you name it. I also love using the Infantino Flip Front 2 Back carrier so that he can face outward and I can show him what I am doing and make him be a part of it. It’s also a great purchase if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and is currently on sale for $26.26 at Amazon.

infantino front 2 back carrier

Another option is to find something that baby likes to be in. Camden likes being in his Joovy Spoon walker from Amazon. I like that it only has the tray and no toy attachments so I can put whatever toy he is interested in at the time on the tray. He also likes sitting (and mostly sleeping) in his rocker, and if I’m in the kitchen he will sit in his high chair for a little bit. Just get creative and get your baby used to you not being at their every whim for a couple minutes so you can do what you need to do.

joovy spoon walker

#4: Multi-task

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about getting things done with a baby it’s that multitasking is a mom’s best friend. The other day I went back and forth from making breakfast to doing laundry to feeding the cat to picking up stuff from the night before. The quicker you master this the better time you’re going to have as a mom, and this skill will continue to be necessary as your children grow up.


#5: Just Let it Go

Some days, it’s better to just soak up all the time you have with your baby and not get worked up over every little thing you didn’t get done. Your baby is only a baby for so long, after all, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on that.

These were my 5 tips on how to #getthingsdone with a baby. Let me know in the comments how you get things done with a baby in the house!

*This post contains affiliate links. This does not affect the price of the items, but I get a commission if you purchase something through these links which supports me and my family. I only talk about products that I personally support and have used. Thank you!

My List of Newborn Essentials

Newborn essentials

As happy as I am to finally be getting my full nights of sleep, it is also a little bit sad realizing that my baby is not a newborn anymore. No more cradling his tiny body in my arms (he’s now 18 pounds and so eager to stand up) or swaddling him and checking every two minutes to see if he is still breathing. He is already on to infanthood and it is a whole new stage for me to enjoy and master. Being at the end of that incredibly blissful journey through newborn-dom, I’ve gathered a list of all the items that were essential in helping me with my newborn baby. I completely understand that what worked well for me may not work for everyone else, and so I would love for you guys to leave a comment below and tell me what your newborn essentials were!

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

snuggle me organic

For the first two months my husband and I co-slept with Camden on our bed. The Snuggle Me Organic made it easier for us to transport him from our bed to his crib. Let me just add that this is not the recommended use of the lounger by the company, it is meant to be used for day time naps. He took to this lounger right away, and the fact that it is so easily portable made it easy for us to put him to sleep anywhere… The couch, the coffee table, grandparent’s houses, even the crib! I also think that the “snug” fit made him feel more secure, especially being that he was born a month early.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy nursing pillow

This pillow saved us for multiple reasons. The most obvious reason would be nursing. When he was still so small it was easier to nurse (as well as bottle feed) him with a little extra propping. The second and less conventional reason why this pillow was a lifesaver is because Camden got bronchiolitis when he was about 6 weeks old and needed to be constantly elevated. Even when he was asleep! So we switched out the Snuggle Me lounger for the Boppy pillow and he surprisingly slept up to 5 hours propped up in that pillow. Best buy ever and the covers are super cute! We got the North Park cover with the pillow, but there are also cheaper options as well.

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sack

Next up on my list of newborn essentials are sleep sacks. Up until Camden got sick we would swaddle him in a muslin blanket for naps and bedtime. When he got bronchiolitis it was impossible to swaddle him and lay him upright comfortably (also he never liked having his arms swaddled anyway). So we started putting him in sleep sacks that my mom’s friend handed down to us. They’re warm and fleece (perfect for a baby born in winter!) and they zip the legs up in a sack while still having arm sleeves. These sleep sacks really helped Cam in establishing bedtime. Turning down the lights and putting him in his sleep sack meant it was time for bed! He also still loved sleeping in them when we started putting him in his crib (around 3 months) up until he started to roll around in his sleep. We ended up buying this one from Amazon in size 0-3 months. There are also sleeveless options as well.

Gerber’s Diaper Cloths


Guys, if there is one thing you decide you should get from my list, please let it be this one. Purchasing all of those cute but expensive burp cloths and bibs are not worth it (unless you want to take adorable pictures with them). These Gerber diaper cloths come in a pack of 5 for only $8.99 at Target. I bought two packs of them to use as burp cloths and now I only really need to wash them once a week. You can also use them as an emergency diaper if you needed to (their actual functionality). I also put them down under the baby when he slept and ate, and if he had a spit up or diaper leak anything underneath him stayed clean! It has saved me so much laundry doing. The best thing about it is you wont feel bad throwing one away if it does get covered in anything you don’t want to take the time to scrub out because they’re plain and super affordable.

Taggies Elephant Security Blanket


It was a very sentimental moment for me when I bought this elephant to be Camden’s first toy. I pictured him grabbing at the tags and snuggling with the blanket. It warms my heart so much now to see how much he loves this blanket/toy. We always put it with him in the car-seat and have even lovingly named it Ellie. It is absolutely adorable watching him hug his elephant during his naps. Maybe it was partially me putting it out there in the universe or willing it to happen, but it is so satisfying seeing how much Cam loves this blanket. This is the one that we bought for Cam, but there are many other options out there. The best thing about this product is that it is aged 0+ months so you can give it to your baby right from the start!

Honorable Mention: Boba Classic 4GS


So I’m cheating a little bit here because I technically didn’t get this until Cam was four months old, but if there was one thing I wished I had from the beginning it would be the Boba Classic 4GS. I didn’t do as much baby wearing in the first three months, but once I got this I wear him practically every day. When I put him in the Boba he takes great long naps and I get to go outside and get some walking done! I even recently figured out nursing in this thing which is another plus. It is kinda pricey, but so worth it. If there is one piece of advice I can give you it would be to join the Boba Love Community’s private Facebook group so that you can get notified when they’re having their huge sales (which is how I bought mine). The only down-side of this is that you have a more limited selection so when I purchased mine I got the very last style they had left of their sale by the time I found out about it.

So that’s it for my list of #newbornessentials! Let me know in the comments what your essentials were. If you would like me to make a list of “mom” essentials, let me know!

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.