About Me!

My name is Jillian Roberts, I’m 27 and from Southern California. Up until I found out I was pregnant last year, I worked as a behavior therapist for children with Autism. I married my husband, Tim, in July of 2018, and we welcomed our son, Camden, at the end of December. I also somehow managed to finish my degree in psychology two weeks before he was born!

While I was pregnant and finishing my last semester, I got really involved watching lifestyle vloggers on YouTube. I fell in love with this supportive and loving community, and it made me want to become active within it. I, however, am not necessarily friendly with the video camera, so when I found out that there was a vast blogging community out there for moms to share their lives I was eager to join! Combining my love of writing, photography, and enjoying life with my family is the inspiration behind my posts, and maybe a little story-telling that might help a mama or two out there. Welcome to my life!